Pins are used to insert through holes in assemblies, effectively securing components and establishing removable connection points between them. Dowel pins, when inserted into holes, serve to align components with precision. Clevis pins are designed to insert through holes in shafts, securing in place with the assistance of a cotter pin. Cotter pins, in turn, are utilized to insert into shafts for the purpose of securing components firmly. Industrial safety pins boast an integrated lock mechanism that ensures self-locking when in place. Grooved pins, distinguished by grooves along their length, compress to form a friction fit within their designated holes. Hitch pins play a crucial role in securing trailers and other dynamic loads, employing an accompanying cotter pin. Spring pins, upon insertion into mounting holes, maintain their position through tension and friction. Lynch pins, when inserted into assembly holes, lock securely with the aid of a spring-loaded ring. Taper pins gradually increase their holding power as they are driven into holes. Quick-release pins and receptacles offer a swift and temporary means of securing items in position.


Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Alloy Steel, Brass


  • Cotter Pins
  • Roll Pins
  • Dowel Pins
  • Taper Pins


Zinc Plating, Black Oxide Coating, Chrome Plating

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