Omni proudly supplies parts used in nuclear power plants and warhead-bearing submarines. Because our components must hold up in the extreme conditions to which they could potentially be exposed, we are meticulous about sourcing material, as well as intense testing and certification, before we put a part into circulation.

Solutions and Services

  • Ability to source standard and non-standard product from prototype to production volumes
  • Engagement with customers and engineers during new product introduction processes to advise most cost-effective solutions that meet their quality and safety need
  • Ability to supply items per-print or customer drawing’s specifications


  • Fasteners or hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, washers, studs, pins, collars, eyelets, collars), O-rings, gaskets, clamps, fabrication, hinges, identification labels and stickers, retaining rings, seals, shims, and springs
  • We offer metric and imperial products that meet standard specs such as ASTM, ANSI, DIN, ISO, and ASME
  • Ability to supply exotic ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Common materials supplied include carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, Hastalloy, Nema G, Nylon, stainless steel, Inconel, Monel and Titanium
  • We offer a variety of material surface finishes including barrel and rack electro platting (nickel, tin, copper, cadmium, zinc trivalent and hexavalent), chemical treatments (black oxide, passivation, phosphate, anodizing, wax/lube), electroless nickel, electropolish, mechanically deposited zinc and galvanizing, spray coating (Teflon, Geomet, Magni, Xylan, WS2) and hydrogen embrittlement relief
  • Other secondary processes we offer include heat treatment (induction, case, and through hardening), grinding (outer diameter, inner diameter, and Blanchard), thread rolling, and locking features (Nylon patch, pellet, and strip)
  • We partner with external labs for destructive (tensile, hardness, elongation, proof load) and nondestructive testing (magnetic particle)

Nuclear Product Applications

  • Stud Bolts: Stud bolts are used for connecting flanges in piping systems, ensuring a secure and leak-free seal for nuclear plant components.
  • Anchor Bolts: Anchor bolts are employed to secure heavy equipment and machinery to concrete foundations within nuclear facilities.
  • Threaded Rods: Threaded rods provide a versatile solution for securing components and equipment in nuclear power plants and related facilities.
  • Specialty Nuts: Nuclear-grade nuts, such as prevailing torque nuts and self-locking nuts, are used to maintain secure and reliable connections. ( hyperlink to specialty nuts)
  • Precision Machined Fasteners: Custom-designed fasteners are often required to meet the unique specifications and tolerances of nuclear components. (hyperlink to specialty)