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Since our inception, Omni has worked with many military customers, stocking an extensive inventory of industry-specific items. We also possess the know-how to identify and source other military parts, for example, the components that are used in critical fail-safe back up systems. Our 30+ years of experience in this arena have inspired a company-wide focus on lot traceability, plus a belief in the importance of correct and appropriate paperwork.


Omni supplies parts for a wide array of energy plants: fossil fuel, solar, wind, and nuclear. When a plant has an unexpected outage and needs to restore service as soon as possible, Omni is on hand with immediate inventory, 24/7 client support, and shipments sent direct to your site. We strive to reduce your costly downtime, even if we have to hand deliver parts to a courier for same day international delivery.


Omni’s commitment to the medical industry is multi-layered. Not only do we supply parts used in medical carts, lighting apparatuses, and other hospital equipment; we have also manufactured hardware utilized in the harvesting of bone marrow. Our team supports innovations being made by several of our clients who seek to enhance the technology used by medical professionals. 


Working with both Tier One and Tier Two transportation manufacturers, Omni adapts how we source and stock product to meet the needs of their constantly changing production schedules.  But we also create custom parts; we partnered with a locomotive manufacturer to create a unique component that is assembled by hand in our warehouse, improving efficiency and reducing errors at installation. The same high standards characterize our work with the aircraft wheel and brake industry, as well as the engine parts we craft for heavy duty earth movers used in mining applications. More commonly, you drive by some of our parts in the guard rails on highways around the country.


Omni’s parts are also helping care for the natural world. We supply components for air and water purification systems, while also serving as a key supplier to the manufacturer responsible for chlorine production in waterworks across the US and abroad. Our clients also include desalinization plants who treat water supplies and food processors who must meet stringent food-grade standards set forth by federal and state agencies.


Omni proudly supplies parts used in nuclear power plants and warhead-bearing submarines. Because our components must hold up in the extreme conditions to which they could potentially be exposed, we are meticulous about sourcing material, as well as intense testing and certification, before we put a part into circulation.


As an Omni team member proudly states, “We have the ability to source your part from many master distributors, meeting your demanding timeline while exceeding your expectations on bottom line.” Not only can we get your parts quickly and cost-effectively, but we can source them in the relevant structural grades (A325, A490) and ensure that they meet or exceed current codes required for buildings and bridges. 


Working with the plastics industry, Omni has supplied large volumes of rivets, inserts, and other related products to high-demand clients, using planned releases to meet their exacting production schedules.

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