Lock Washer Nut

A washer nut, also known as a lock washer nut or flange nut, combines a standard nut with an integrated washer-like flange at the base. This flange helps distribute load and provides a locking feature to prevent loosening due to vibration or movement. Washer nuts are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, construction, and machinery.

Sizing Ranges

Diam. #6 thru 3/4


Serrated Washer Nut, Flanged Hex Washer Nut, Stover Washer Nut, Prevailing Torque Washer Nut, Toplock Washer Nut, Tri-Lok Washer Nut, Conical Washer Nut, High Washer Nut


Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Black Oxide, Zinc-Nickel Plating

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