Jam Nut

A jam nut is a thin, low-profile nut typically used alongside another nut to lock it in place. It is threaded onto the same bolt or threaded rod as the primary nut, and when tightened against the primary nut, it prevents the primary nut from loosening due to vibration or movement. Jam nuts are commonly used in automotive, manufacturing, and machinery applications.

Sizing Ranges

Diam. 1/4 thru 4″


Hex Jam Nut, Thin Jam Nut, Heavy Hex Jam Nut, Slotted Jam Nut, Square Jam Nut, K-Lock Jam Nut, Prevailing Torque Jam Nut.


Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Black Oxide, Zinc-Nickel Plating

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